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Harris Accounting Corp was formed in 2013. Joe is a qualified CPA with more than a decade of practical accounting and advisory experience under his belt. Alongside Joe we have a dedicated team of accountants who love to work with passionate small business owners.

Why choose us?

We appreciate our hard-working business clients and they appreciate us. Here are just some of the reasons they trust us to handle their accounts.

We know you won’t like nasty surprises

Harris Accounting Corp isn’t like the accountant your grandfather used. We take a modern approach to business and to billing. We offer fixed fee packages so you know how much your accounting and tax work is going to cost upfront. Our clients appreciate the transparency of this approach and the confidence they have when it comes to budgeting.

We’ll save you time

It’s safe to say that we love technology here at Harris Accounting Corp as Xero Certified Advisors and software add on specialists, we can help you choose the most suitable apps and software tools for your business. These tools allow you to save hours of precious time every week, automating the boring stuff like data entry and giving you the freedom to get back to the good stuff.

We speak your language

There’s no point in making accounting, tax or business more complicated than it already is. Here at Harris Accounting Corp, we’ll speak with you in a way you understand, so you know exactly how your business is performing at all stages. Time savings gained through technology allows us to work closer with you, proactively addressing issues and opportunities as they arise.

Want to streamline your business without breaking the bank? Talk to us today.

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